FREE FROM REALITY is an online community created to voice the story of others through art. It was created to help not just us, but also other creative artists who want a place where they can feel free to express their creativity and talents. We serve as an online platform for artists who want to stay anonymous, but also have a place where they can post and show their work.  As the founders of FREE FROM REALITY we know that feeling of being passionate about something and wanting to have others acknowledge that creativity; but there are so many opposing factors that go against why you should continue doing what your heart is set on. Whatever your opposing factor may be, we understand, and are just as scared as you are for doing otherwise. But despite the circumstances we decided to hold our heads up high and create a place where people like us can feel free to express our ideas and inner selves.  Even though there are many other sites that offer the same kind of platform, we differ because we will be active on the site too. We are anonymous artists like you and will be posting our work, so not only will your story be showcased but ours as well. We are also willing to see or listen to what you have to show, whether your art tells a story or you just want to show people what you do best. We will try to ensure that there is a safe, place where your ideas and talents can be free to be.



Rose Eden

I’m a Scorpio that loves the colour red, and is always fascinated by the mysterious and eerie genres in music, art, and literature. As a lover of the arts, I also have an undying passion for drawing and writing. A lot of my inspiration comes from my interest in, New Gothic art, and Japanese pop culture (music and anime). As a member of FREE FROM REALITY I am the artist that helps to create some of the art work for this website, but I’ll be also posting other neat things on this site as well.

Blue Enigma

I am a writer who likes to sing, so I view myself as a possible song writer. My favourite colour is blue (hence the name) and I’m a Libra. I write stories that are mostly like angst and slice of life, specifically self struggle. My inspiration comes from life experiences (past and in the present), my passion in music, and curiosity in literature. I’m an outgoing person, and I’m willing to develop my skills through your critiques. As a member of FREE FROM REALITY I am in charge of handling the technical side of the website, but also strive to motivate and inspire others through writing